Fashion Week (Nashville Style) Featuring: Lauren Alaina

Wildflower (Lauren Alaina album)

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Lauren Alaina is young to country music and to the world in general, but she’s still been able to leave an impression on us with her style. Lauren is definitely a country girl to the bone and is rarely seen in an anything but blue jeans or sundresses. Lauren’s shows off those tight jeans (along with her healthy new body) in the new music video “Georgia Peaches” from her album “Wildflowers”.

Lauren’s starring in an episode on GAC called ” Day Jobs” . In her episode she takes a job at Ci Ci’s pizza near her hometown in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia. (Lauren actually worked at the same Ci Ci’s the 6 months leading to her audition on American Idol.)

Here’s are the outfits that remind us of Lauren Alaina, product info is available at the very bottom.

Inspired by Lauren Alaina

Beyond Vintage lace top
£178 –

One shoulder top
$220 –

$135 –

Bustier top
$32 –

Dolce&Gabbana low rise skinny jeans
$645 –

Miss Selfridge skinny jeans
$68 –

H&M low rise jeans
£30 –

Dorothy Perkins jeans
$44 –

Western boots
$97 –

Alexander McQueen leather booties
£595 –

Jeffrey Campbell white boots
£120 –

Rosantica magnetic necklace
£490 –

Miss Selfridge wood bangle
$16 –

Yves Saint Laurent red jewelry
$395 –

H M wide ring
£3.99 –

Cowboy hat

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