How To Get That Classic ‘Country Girl’ Style

In the country, your outfit only expresses a hint of who you are. Country girls are multidimensional people, they might go to tea parties and church but also hunt boar and frequent the dirt track. Having an array of events on your itinerary means you have to be flexible in clothing options.

Women in large cities are tied to a certain lifestyle, that apparently calls for heels and high fashion-all the time. (Personally, Ive never understood that. How do you run from a mugger in heels?) While women in the South appreciate fashion and designer clothes they tend to stick to more classic versatile styles. A swan around the waist or a plastic machine gun on the shoulder doesn’t exactly make the boys swoon. It’s too much work and psychological turmoil to wear clothes that must be ‘interpreted’. Fashion icons are women with style that never fades. People will always appreciate ladies like Audrey Hepburn, Jacki O, and Sophia Loren.

What is classic country style? It all depends on your personality. Sometimes it’s romantic florals, seersucker or lace. Other times it’s the perfect pair of jeans and a concert Tee. Mostly, it’s finding outfits that are beautiful and functional at the same time.

Below, we’ve featured outfits that can be worn for both casual and dressy occasions.

Classic Country Girl


Brooks embroidered dress
$60 –

Zadig Voltaire top
$170 –

Undrest ruffle top
$60 –

Fresh Laundry cotton t shirt
£69 –

Monsoon draped top
£55 –

Fat Face fitted cardigan
£42 –

Lipsy tutu skirt
£50 –

Floral skirt
$40 –

H&M slim jeans
£30 –

Frye leather platform boots
$428 –

Frye strappy boots
$248 –

Frye ankle strap sandals
$97 –

Carvela Kurt Geiger synthetic shoes
£100 –

Lanvin flower jewelry
£414 –

Kate Spade resin jewelry
$148 –

GorjanaJewelry chain jewelry
$53 –

Owl jewelry
€15 –

VIcenza pink beaded jewelry
£6.40 –

4 thoughts on “How To Get That Classic ‘Country Girl’ Style

  1. I love those outfits! I can never pick a style…I love country, love the music, love to ride, love the culture… yet live in the city and have more of a rocker chick wardrobe.. It is an interesting combination that not many people get (i’m not sure I do either ha)
    Love the post and the blog!

  2. I feel the same way! I’m just happy that the country side is a litlle more chic these days. I love the simpleness of the country and the home feeling but I love the excitement and energy of the city. I guess my hearts in the country and my minds in the city!

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