Make Perfect Sweet Tea

Sweet tea is a delicacy in the South, but sometimes it’s hard to perfect. It’s difficult to avoid mistakes if you’re new to cooking tea and even if you’ve made it for years, you might notice it’s a little off. There’s a couple of secrets to making the best sweet tea and I thought I would share them with all of you.

Step 1: One of the most important steps of all is the first one. You absolutely, no matter what, have to have a pot devoted only to tea making. Making tea is a lot like building a taste or seasoning an iron skillet. Your pot can only have the tea flavor and shouldn’t be washed regularly. Here’s a photo of my tea pot, as you can see it’s stained with tea.










Step 2: Choose your favorite tea company, we use Luzianne. You will need 4 teabags. I twirl them around and stuff the papers in the hole on the handle of the pot. This will keep the papers from falling into the eye and catching on fire. If they burn you wont have a way to pull them out of the cooked tea.










Step 3: Fill the pot with water 3/4 of the way full, insert the bags and cook on high until the tea is “frothy”. You can make it a little frothy-er than the photo below but NEVER LET IT BOIL! Boiling tea makes it taste too strong.










Step 4: While tea is cooking, take out your tea container (2 quart container) and add 2 cups of sugar.











Step 5: As soon as you reach the frothy stage, set your container in the sink (filled with sugar). Remove the tea bags and pour the tea on top of the sugar, immediately fill the container with cold water while stirring continuously. The cold water will make the sugar dissolve and not sink to the bottom.











If you have any questions, feel free to ask by leaving a comment!


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