Game Day Fashion SEC Team GEORGIA


Striped dress

Nike hoodie

Vero Moda red cardigan
$30 –

Nike tee

H M cotton shirt
$20 –

Belted coat
$47 –

J Brand distressed jeans

J Brand skinny leg jeans

Victoria s secret

Hunter tall boots
$125 –

Friis & Company flat shoes
$99 –

TOMS red shoes
$54 –

Chloé leather shoulder bag
$1,780 –

Game Day Fashion SEC Team TENNESSEE

Looking for great fashion for football season? Check out these awesome outfits for game day! Today we celebrate the great Tennessee Vols!


SEC Football- Tennessee

Sheer top

Claudia Schiffer striped sweater
$205 –

True Religion skinny jeans
$480 –

TOMS flat shoes
$62 –

Emilio Pucci cuff bangle
$405 –

Orange jewelry

$140 –

Faliero Sarti silk scarve
$195 –

Fedora hat
$50 –

Weirdest Questions on Wikipedia: George Jones

I Am What I Am (George Jones album)

I Am What I Am (George Jones album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I habitually troll Wikipedia. Yesterday I was watching a documentary on Jim Jones the cult leader from Guyana (via California). It was an amazing show that showed how the cult members willingly and unwillingly drank the poisoned kool aid. Usually,when I’m interested in something, I wiki or google it. I’m annoyingly curious that way. As soon as I typed in Jim Jones a question popped up.

“Is the country singer George Jones Related to cult leader Jim Jones?”

It was like finding a pot of gold! There are some photos that show characteristic resemblances and of course they have the same last name! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any data linking the two.  So…Mr. George Jones, if you’re out there let us know!




Here is a photo of cult leader Jim Jones? Think they might be kin folk?

Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones

Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)