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Lauren Alaina

This week’s top 20 video countdown on GAC looks a little like the results of the final episode of last season’s American Idol. The number one fan voted video of the week is “The Trouble With Girls” by McCreery and the number two video is “Georgia Peaches” by Alaina. Lauren’s latest video (Georgia Peaches) pulled through in a big way because it wasn’t even charted last week.

#3 “So You Don’t Have To Love Me Anymore” Alan Jackson

#4 “Tough” Kellie Pickler

#5 “I Don’t Want This Night To End” Luke Bryan


To see the full list of top 20 videos visit this link:,,GAC_26058_47218,00.html


The First Ever Taylor Swift Video Premier On Mtv

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Taylor Swift, along with The Civil Wars recorded a song called “Safe and Sound” for the new movie Hunger Games. Hunger Games is part of a non-stop best-selling book series that just became a major motion picture. Taylor has practically conquered the music industry, but she just accomplished a new major cross-over event. Her Hunger Games single, “Safe and Sound” premiered on Mtv at 7:54 tonight.

Taylor also took home 2 Grammy’s last night (and so did The Civil Wars), it’s really big week for Country Music!

Check out their video here

Neal McCoy, Everything is Still A-OK

Neal McCoy is famous for songs like “Wink”, “Billy’s Got His Beer Goggles On”, and “They’re Playin our Song”. Never heard of these songs? You might be a little too young, these songs electrified the charts in the 1990’s. Many folks thought Neal McCoy was a thing of the past, they better think again; Raw talent doesn’t just up and leave a man.

Not only does Neal have a traditional smooth voice and a down to earth personality, he’s a comedian. A real comedian, it’s become a big part of his show. Neil McCoy is a true entertainer, after a show you walk out of the room feeling like you’re a friend of his.

With his amazing voice, ridiculously famous producers and team members (Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, to name a few) McCoy is doing better than OK, he’s A-OK. check out his new song A-OK on or at

*Remember* Each time you play a song on CMT or GAC it’s a vote for that song to climb the most watched video chart. And don’t forget to request A-OK, by Neal McCoy by radio!

Neil McCoy’s new album “XXII” (TWELVE) comes out March 6, 2012. His single A-OK is available now on itunes.

Neal McCoy

Neal McCoy