Scotty McCreery Plays for the Braves?


Everyone knows that Scotty McCreery can sing, but few know he can play baseball (like a pro). Scotty managed to continue playing baseball for his high school team while on tour for American Idol. That makes Scotty Double-y talented. He’s combined his two favorite hobbies for summer’s best concert tour- Baseball and Country. Scotty played for a packed crowd this memorial day weekend at Turner field, he even threw out the first pitch. His next concert date is tonight in Chattanooga,Tennessee for the minor league Baseball team The Lookouts. There will also be a fireworks show. 


Blake Shelton on The Cover of ‘Rolling Stone’

Rolling Stone Magazine

The judges of NBC’s The Voice have grown ridiculously in fame since the start of the season. Not only has Blake Shelton well surpassed 1 million twitter fans but now he’s on the cover of  Rolling Stone. It’s rare that country music stars make the cover of a rock magazine but Blake’s charm, whit and good looks have made him a Superstar.

If you’ve never seen The Voice, it resembles shows like American Idol. Contestants with vocal talent audition to be voted as the next musical Great. What makes The Voice completely different is that the auditions are blind. The 4 teams (Blake, XTINA, CeeLo, Adam) have to select and convince the singer to be on their team. Each Judge must select 12 contestants to form an unstoppable team. The best of the 4 teams takes home the trophy. Last year, (Season 1) Adam Levine took home the Grand Prize.

If you’re an avid fan of The Voice, but missed an episode, take a look at each teams lineup:



Brian Fuente, Erin Willett, Gwen Sebastian, Jermain Paul, Jordis Unga, Rae Lynn. Fan favorites seem to be Gwen, Jermaine, and Jordis.


Chris Mann, Jesse Campbell, Geoff McBride, Lindsey Pavoa, Moses Stone, and The Line


Angie Johnson, Erin Martin, Jamar Rogers, James Massone, Juliet Simms, Sarah Golden

Fan favs: Angie Johnson, Erin Martin. Erin’s audition was a top selling song on itunes overnight.


Team: ADAM

Angel Taylor, Chris Cauley, Katrina Parker, Kim Yarbrough, Nahan Parrett, Pip, Tony Lucca

Fan favs: The beautiful-Angel Taylor and the guy who stole the show-Chris Cauley from ATL.


The Voice (U.S. TV series)

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