Who is Katie Armiger?

Katie Armiger

Unless you keep up with GAC’s top 20 videos you may not know Katie Armiger. Katie is a 19 year old rising star from Texas. She’s an independent artist who gained her fame from the fan voted video charts on Great American Country TV. Katie has recently had back-to-back #1 videos on the GAC Top 20 Countdown with “Best Song Ever” and her newest single “I Do, But Do I.”

In her heart she’s already made it big, she’s had a coveted debut at the famed Grand Ole Opry. She’s also earned openings for Country Music Superstars like Brad Paisley, Jason Aldean and Kellie Pickler. Her third and latest album Confessions of a Nice Girl  (Cold River Records) listed her highest debuts at #6 on Amazon, and #11 on iTunes.

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Katie had a passion for Music since she was a small child. When she was only 10 years old she learned how to write music. At age 14 she discovered she had actual talent when she won a singing competition back home. After her big win she started her punishing ‘dance’ with music row. Luckily, that fight paid off, she’s on the verge of becoming the next big female Country Artist.

Katie has a strong traditional country sound. Her voice has been described as mature beyond her years, rivaling her icons- Martina McBride and Sarah Evans . She also has beauty tucked in her war chest.  She’s won titles like a #2 spot on Country Weekly’s ‘Country’s Most beautiful Women’ and last May she was voted the #1 Hottest Bachelorette by the same magazine.

Katie’s full to the brim with talent, looks, and gumption. In a day when stars take the easier road with reality TV talent shows, Katie proves she has what it takes to be a star. She took her fight to the streets of Nashville, the good ole fashion way. Katie’s rising fame is a true testament of her hard work and musical talent.

Neal McCoy, Everything is Still A-OK

Neal McCoy is famous for songs like “Wink”, “Billy’s Got His Beer Goggles On”, and “They’re Playin our Song”. Never heard of these songs? You might be a little too young, these songs electrified the charts in the 1990’s. Many folks thought Neal McCoy was a thing of the past, they better think again; Raw talent doesn’t just up and leave a man.

Not only does Neal have a traditional smooth voice and a down to earth personality, he’s a comedian. A real comedian, it’s become a big part of his show. Neil McCoy is a true entertainer, after a show you walk out of the room feeling like you’re a friend of his.

With his amazing voice, ridiculously famous producers and team members (Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, to name a few) McCoy is doing better than OK, he’s A-OK. check out his new song A-OK on CMT.com. or at GAC.com

*Remember* Each time you play a song on CMT or GAC it’s a vote for that song to climb the most watched video chart. And don’t forget to request A-OK, by Neal McCoy by radio!


Neil McCoy’s new album “XXII” (TWELVE) comes out March 6, 2012. His single A-OK is available now on itunes.

Neal McCoy

Neal McCoy