Jessie James, The New American Outlaw

Jessie James (album)

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Jessie James (aka Jessica Rose James) is a rising Country star, but not the cookie cutter kind. she was born in Italy and raised in Georgia. She maximizes sex appeal and sometimes abandons stringed instruments all together. So what makes Jessie James country? She makes Jessie James country.

Like many Country singers, Jessie knew from a young age that she wanted to sing. She tried (unsuccessfully) to snag a nashville record deal. Soon she was introduced to YellowDog Records, an independent record company, and began her career as a singer. She was eventually signed to Mercury Records who portrayed her as more of a pop singer. Her album sent off a confusing message with both pop and rock songs, appealing only to a few. Stedfast, Jessie talked her way back to country. With a spruced up image her songs are more crossover and less one song country and one song pop.

Jessie recently released her newest single ‘When You Say My Name‘. She also performed at the halftime show for the Broncos v. Steelers playoff game. She may have been an outlaw and outcast, but that same spirit gave her a second chance.

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