Canaan Smith to debut ‘Grand Ole Opry’ February 18th

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Canaan Smith is a new artist in Nashville with a very unique sound. His music doesn’t give the traditional vibe but there’s no question it’s country. Cannan’s music is all about love and life and it tells a story, and … Continue reading

This Week’s Reviews: Zac Brown Band, Miranda Lambert, and Kip Moore 15 STARS

Each week I review 3 artist from Country Music via itunes. I share my own opinion and some opinions of the public who post comments on their music. This week I chose 3 very different artist from 3 different stages of fame.

Our first artist/ group is The Zac Brown Band. I have to admit, in my unbiased opinion, I’m a little biased. I am a huge ZBB fan, but I promise I listened intently and still gave the band 5 stars for their new song “No Hurry”.

The Zac Brown Band has a magical way of taking their listeners beyond reality. Stress melts and emotions arise as we’re dropped to a place where life is simple and love is all that matters.

ZBB did not let me down with their new single. I was instantly in my happy place and amazed that ZBB can   stay true to their style while their lyrics never get old or replayed. And, as always, Zac’s strong smooth voice made “No Hurry” a hit in the making.

This week their album, You Get What You Give  is number 15 on the Billboard Country Charts. Check out ZBB’s new song “No Hurry” from their album at or visit their website at

English: Miranda Lambert at the 45th Annual Ac...

Miranda Lambert, the new Queen of Country Music, just released her single “Over You” from her album Four the Record. Four the Record is number 13 on itunes this week and number 11 on Billboard’s Country charts.

I really like “Over You”, in my opinion it should have debuted much higher than baggage claim. It has a classic country style, but Miranda turns it to gold with her unique and sweet twangy voice. I also gave Miranda a 5 star review on itunes.

Check out Miranda’s new single on, her website at Also keep an eye out for Miranda at the 54th Grammy Awards show this Sunday (February 12) where she will be presenting an award.

Finally, we move on to one of Country’s newest singers, Kip Moore, and his single “Somethin’ About a Truck”. Personally, I think this is a great song. It reminds me of an older Tim McGraw song and it should really pull in young listeners.

Although there were some nasty little comments about Kips new song on itunes, the average rating is a 4 1/2. And as a rebuttal to a few of those comments, I think Kip Moore sounds like a real Country star. I don’t really agree with people when they argue that Country music is turning pop or rock. I think Country music has many styles. I would classify Kip as a moderate Country Artist who can appeal to both traditional and evolving Country music. As for the rating? 5 Stars again (of course, how else can you get 15 STARS!)