Miranda Lambert’s Makeover

Miranda Lambert showed off her new hair-do while supporting her husband, TEAM BLAKE, for “The Voice”.

We love it! It’s edgy but still soft and pretty. What do you think?


Folsom Prison Blues Revival

Jamie Lono: Photo Credit- The Voice

Last night, Jamie Lono, a sandwich maker from Chicago, became a star on The Voice. His rendition of Johnny Cash’s hit Folsom Prison Blues left viewers with their mouths open. Today, Jamie’s song debuted on iTunes and is already at #49. He soared past all other contestants and even huge stars like Taylor Swift.

The next hot spot on the iTunes chart belongs to Mathai. Last night she performed “Rumour Has It” by Adele. Everyone was amazed by Mathai’s very unique sound and she was quickly snatched up by Team Adam. Her song is at #98.