Miranda Lambert’s Makeover

Miranda Lambert showed off her new hair-do while supporting her husband, TEAM BLAKE, for “The Voice”.

We love it! It’s edgy but still soft and pretty. What do you think?


Traditional Country Will Never Die…Thanks to these Guys!

All the creativity and hard work that went into great country classics was a seed planted, not just a moment in history. Although Country Music has made room for crossover music and has diversified and evolved, there’s still room for it’s original sound. Our amazing icons like George Jones, George Strait, and Brooks and Dunn have left impressions deep in the souls of the next generation. The result? Two young artist that continue to value the traditional country music they listened to while growing up.

Thanks to these guys, we can proudly announce that traditional country music is not a thing of the past, but will continue to be a part of the future. Zach Dylan and Dustin Lynch are so talented, they are sure to inspire future generations, and replant those traditional music seeds.

Zach Dylan is a young country artist from Cleveland, Tennessee. He’s currently out there bringing down the honky tonks with his classic-country music sound. His songs are emotional stories written about moments and things he holds close. We’re pretty sure Zach is well on his way to getting a record deal.

His latest songs include 23rd Psalm, This Old Truck, and Don’t Go.  If you haven’t checked out these songs, you’re missing out!

You can also catch Zach and D-railed LIVE at Knoxville Wild Wings on November 1. If you can’t make it to Knoxville, check out his touring list, he will be playing throughout East Tennessee and North Georgia in the following weeks.

Our other emerging traditional artist is Dustin Lynch. He’s become quite famous these days with his darling song called “Cowboys and Angels“. (He just won 2 ACA nominations for this song!) Dustin was even chosen by Billboard as one of the years emerging Country Music artist.

You can buy Dustin’s song on Itunes or at local retail stores.

ABC’S “Nashville”

Last night ABC premiered it’s new serial drama called “Nashville”. The show is about two rivaling talents- a country music icon (Connie Britton) and a young crossover break-out (Hayden Panettiere). 

Although the main plot isn’t that creative, mostly because it mirrors real life Nashville, the show has layers of interest.It seems like the rest of America agrees, the ratings are in and Nashville rounded up over 9 million viewers, beating out every show in it’s time slot. The media also loved the premier:

“You don’t have to be a fan of country music to like Nashville. Then again, you don’t have to be a fan of country music to like country music these days, either. ABC’s gripping, soapy new musical drama is one of the best new shows of the season. It pits an old-school purist against the kind of overproduced crossover act responsible for watering down the genre while taking it mainstream. The battle for the heart of the city will be waged in dressing rooms, bedrooms, recording studios, voting booths and the parking lot of the famous Bluebird Cafe.” -The Kansas City Star

It’s exciting that the rest of the world can get a positive inside look at both country music and Nashville. The series is definitely full of scandal; but instead of promoting backwoods attitudes, the show focuses on talent and lifestyle. The southern accents are credible and each of the tangled up stories are realistic and romantic. 

These real life country songs made the premier:

Eden’s Edge- Too Good To Be True  

Lee Brice- Back Home

Justin Moore- Small Town USA 

“Nashville” airs on Wednesdays at 10:00 eastern time. The soundtrack for “Nashville” can be found on iTunes.