Fresh Cut Country is a blog about both new and old country music artist. It features biographies, new videos, awards, and press releases. Our purpose is to connect fans and listeners with the newest music (fresh cuts). We want to remind you of older artist who are coming back, so you can reconnect. We also want to introduce you to new artist that you can get to know and maybe even see in concert before they hit it big. Please leave comments, send emails, and participate in surveys. We only want to give you what you want to hear. If you’re an artist or agent please email us about your music at curtis.jenna@ymail.com.

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Please take a look at our Social Media Policy and Personal Ethics Statement:

Fresh Cut Country wants to continue to uphold a positive, lawful, and moral image. Our main goal is to share information, entertainment, and encouragement to both our readers and Country Music Artist. We strongly discourage violent language and cursing as those comments will not be approved for posting. We strongly believe in freedom of speech but we are a “family based” community. We will do our best to balance breaking news with the right to privacy, when it comes to those we write about.


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