Dollywood Festival of Nations


Each year Dollywood host a unique event called The Festival of Nations. Artist come from countries like Zambia, Ireland, Ecuador, and China to perform music and other talent acts. 


The streets of the park are filled with international markets. Even food vendors cook up dishes from foreign lands like Germany and Jamaica. Aside from the shopping and street circus’s, there is traditional Dollywood entertainment that features breathtaking roller-coasters and the majestic views of the Great Smoky Mountains. Dollywood’s newest ride, The Wild Eagle, is the very first winged roller coaster in North America. It speeds over 60 mph and not only does it have massive drops, but the loops are on the edge of a cut out mountain, making it twice as hard to man-up. 

If you’re an adrenaline and heights junkie, check out the zip line. It features 5 treks with lengths up to nearly 1,000 feet. (This event does require an extra fee). Image

Also, Check out the Friend’s of Dolly Fountain. The gorgeous fountain is adorned with stars that hold the names of celebrity Country and Gospel singers who’ve performed or visited the park. In the winter it’s drained and filled with a gigantic flickering Christmas Tree. 


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